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The Spectradyne Experimental Innovation Award

Spectradyne LLC announces the Experimental Innovation Award, to encourage new and innovative research using its microfluidics-based nanoparticle analysis technology. We will provide eligible researchers with access to our nCS1TM instrument and cartridges through our Experimental Innovation Award competition, and provide financial support to present results obtained with this instrument at an international conference. Click here to learn more about this program.

Everyday Nanoparticles

Spectradyne LLC uses its instruments to take interesting and thought-provoking data on nanoparticles in "every day" circumstances. A recent example is our measurements comparing Japanese saké and Korean soju, which provides an interesting "nanoview" on these popular beverages.

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Spectradyne LLC now publishes its newsletter on-line, starting with Issue #3. You can find Spectradyne's newsletters linked below.

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