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Spectradyne LLC

Spectradyne LLC is commercializing a revolutionary method of measuring sub-micron nanoparticles. Applications include characterizing nanomedicine delivery systems, the measurement of protein aggregation in the drug development industry, virology and in consumer product quality control. We have openings for highly qualified, ambitious, and driven sales and technical positions; please apply to the position that best suits your interests and experience.

Sales Account Executive

Spectradyne LLC is searching for a full-time Sales Executive to grow North American sales.

We specialize in the development of new instruments for nanoparticle characterization. Our technology is capable of high resolution size and concentration measurements of nanoparticle-based formulations across the materials and life science industries, with a focus on nanomedicine, vaccine delivery, and medical diagnostic applications. Customers have provided validation of Spectradyne's technology, and the company is now poised to expand its sales activity. The successful Sales Executive will be involved in all aspects of Spectradyne's sales cycle, from lead generation to deal close to customer support. As the company's first full-time sales employee, the Sales Executive will have significant control over the direction of sales strategy, and will have the rare opportunity to help deploy a revolutionary metrology platform. The successful candidate will also be expected to provide critical input to Spectradyne's marketing strategy and execution.

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