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SpectradyneTM Webinar 16:
ARC Insights – Multivalent targeted EVs and LNPs

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Dr. Mickey Pentecost, Founder and CEO of Diadem Biotherapeutics

A summary

In this webinar, Dr. Mickey Pentecost, Founder & CEO of Diadem Biotherapeutics, will present “Multivalent targeted EVs and LNPs – Pioneering novel approaches for engineering, purification, and characterization.” Dr Pentecost will discuss what are EVs, methods for purifying and analyzing TVs, and ways to engineer exosomes and exosome-mimetic liposomes. His presentation will be preceded by a quick overview of Spectradyne’s nanoparticle analyzer, ARC, by Jean-Luc Fraikin, Founder and CEO of Spectradyne.