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What sets Spectradyne’s technology apart?

Spectradyne’s F-MRPS outperforms Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA), and Nanoscale Flow Cytometry (nanoFCM).

A unique perspective

Microfluidic Resistive Pulse Sensing (MRPS) is a fundamentally different way to measure particles than optical methods (e.g., DLS, NTA or nanoFCM)

In our ARC Particle Analyzer, MRPS is combined with quantitative single-particle fluorescence to deliver the most direct measurements of particle size, concentration and payload than currently available

For LNP applications, the ARC enables direct quantification of encapsulated payload on a single-particle basis, unlike bulk fluorescence techniques such as RiboGreen or Qubit assay

Learn more about how our F-MRPS and MRPS technology work here

Accurate results

Single-particle analysis – no averaging

True particle size and concentration – No assumptions required, e.g., refractive index

Quantitative, traceable fluorescence

Fast & easy to use

No alignment, calibration, or cleaning required

Low sample volume:  Only 3 microliters needed

Get results in minutes

We’ve got your back

Exceptionally responsive customer support

US-based team with reliable global coverage

Learn how Spectradyne’s technology delivers in these top applications

Which technology is right for me?

MRPS plus Single-particle Fluorescence Phenotyping

Fast and Accurate Nanoparticle Analysis using MRPS

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