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Support for the nCS2

Useful videos for new users

A number of videos are also available on our library page

How to properly load samples into cartridges and into the nCS2
 An introduction to Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software
 Using Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software for peak filtering
 Using Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software for quantifying and rescaling data
 How to customize and save plots in Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software
 How to use the Background Subtract mode in Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software
 Save, export, and subtract CSD files in Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software

Useful guides, documentation, and software for operating the nCS2


DescriptionVersionRelease dateFile
Software installation instructions2.5.011/27/2019SPTools (PDF)
nCS2 Quick Start Guide3.0.16/28/2023nCS2 Quick Start Guide (PDF)
nCS2 Operation Manual3.0.17/27/2023nCS2 Operation Manual (PDF)
Acquire/Analyze GUI Guide3.5.06/15/2024GUI Essentials Guide (PDF)
nCS2 Disinfection Procedure Guide1.04/22/2024nCS2 Disinfection Procedure Guide (PDF)
Software release history2.5.0.32511/1/2022Spectradyne tools release history (PDF)

Software Downloads

Software and calibration file downloads

DescriptionVersionRelease dateFile
Spectradyne Tools3.0.0.532/22/2024Please email us for the Setup file
Mold calibration file (please update to latest software) email us for the latest mold calibration file

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