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Spectradyne Microfluidic Resistive Pulse Sensing (MRPSTM)

True nanoparticle size and concentration

Fast, affordable, & easy to use, Spectradyne’s MRPS and F-MRPS Technology, a patented microfluidic implementation of resistive pulse sensing (aka. the Coulter principle), delivers direct and accurate measurements of nanoparticle size and concentration, even in complex, heterogeneous samples.  

MRPS is an electrical particle analysis technique that is fundamentally different from run-of-the-mill light scattering-based methods such as dynamic light scattering (DLS), nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA), or nanoscale flow cytometry (nanoFCM).  It delivers a fresh perspective and new insights that cannot be obtained from conventional optical methods.  MRPS was first commercialized in Spectradyne’s nCS1TM particle analyzer and is the core technology inside all of Spectradyne’s analytical instruments.

MRPS delivers the most direct measurements of size & concentration at the nanoscale—True particle sizing that is independent of sample polydispersity or refractive index.  Read the original Nature Nanotechnology publication here.

And now with Fluorescence (F-MRPS)
Size, concentration, and cargo quantification by single-particle fluorescence.  

Spectradyne’s ARCTM particle analyzer uniquely combines MRPS with simultaneous measurements of single-particle fluorescence to enable all kinds of new science.

Working with LNPs and nanomedicine?  Skip the bulk assays for measuring encapsulation efficiency like RiboGreen or QuBit, and instead use the ARC to directly measure how much payload is incorporated in your formulation in the way that matters most:  As a function of particle size with single-particle resolution. 

Studying extracellular vesicles (EVs)?  Skip the Mie theory and directly measure size, concentration, and phenotype of your EVs in quantitative, translatable units that meet MISEV guidelines.  Do better-controlled science with MRPS’s more accurate concentration & size measurements—no assumptions required.

Producing virus for gene therapy applications?  Measure intact viral titer in minutes, directly in the tissue culture media, to optimize your harvest point and boost downstream transfection efficiency.  A single 5-minute measurement on the ARC provides near-real time information compared to all the time and effort of live biological titer. 

Microfluidics make your life easier  

Spectradyne’s patented microfluidic analysis cartridges are engineered to help you get the data you need, faster:

  • Easily analyze complex, real-world samples (like biofluids, or nanomedicines in biofluids) without performing a sample cleanup step.  A built-in filter in each cartridge excludes large particles from the sample before they reach the sensing constriction, to deliver smooth, automated runs. 
  • No calibration or optical alignment required:  Cartridges are nanofabricated with consistent, fixed features and ship to you pre-calibrated from the factory. On the ARC particle analyzer, cartridges provide automatic optical alignment, so you don’t have to adjust anything to ensure sensitive, repeatable results.
  • Very small sample volume:  Load just 3 microliters of your sample and you’re off.
  • Stop cleaning (anything):  No system purging that can throw off your alignment, no cleaning with stringent chemicals between samples—just load your next cartridge and watch as the data streams in.

Engineered for performance  

Embedded Input Filters

Consistent Features

Precision Control

F-MRPS – Fast & easy to use

Analyze Complex Samples

No calibration, alignment, or cleaning required

Only 3ul of Sample Required

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