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Our Patented Microfluidic Cartridges Provide High-resolution Particle Analysis

Spectradyne’s technology uses highly-engineered microfluidic cartridges for sample particle size analysis. Leveraging advances in semiconductor processing techniques, these cartridges include engineered features that make the Resistive Pulse Sensing technique practical and easy to use at the nanoscale. Some of the benefits our customers appreciate include: 1000-fold smaller sample volume required for analysis (only 3 microliters), no time spent cleaning flow cells between samples, and embedded fluidic features in each cartridge that prevent the clogging behaviors seen in other simplistic implementations of the method. Pre-calibrated at the factory so you don’t have to, the microfluidic analysis cartridges are at the heart of Spectradyne’s technology.

In the table below we display the different cartridge specifications that are available for particle size analysis. You can also view a cartridge map for cartridge selection.

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Available microfluidic cartridge sizes:

Part numberSize range
C-30050-300 nm particle diameters
C-40065-400 nm particle diameters
C-900130-900 nm particle diameters
C-2000250-2000 nm particle diameters
C-10k1,500-10,000 nm (1.5-10 micron) particle diameters


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