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Spectradyne at the 15th Annual PEGS Summit

May 7, 2019 – Spectradyne at the 15th Annual PEGS Summit

Spectradyne recently exhibited at the 15th Annual PEGS Boston Conference, a conference focused on protein engineering, with topics as diverse as Antibodies for Cancer Therapy to Protein Expression System Engineering. A major component of all of the technical sessions focused on analytical support for drug product development, with many people attending involved in looking at protein aggregation specifically. Thus, this was a natural fit for Spectradyne, as we offer a unique solution to bridging the “measurement gap” between chromatographic techniques for small (up to 50nm) size aggregates up to compendial methods for large (greater than 10 μm) sized aggregates.

Several nCS1 customers have purchased their systems specifically for studying protein aggregation, and in fact two of these have published their findings in refereed journal articles (see our Library page for more details). As referenced in our previous blog post on Takeaways from PepTalk 2019, there are many reasons why proper metrology of submicron protein aggregates is becoming increasingly important in the industry.

We continue to demonstrate an industry-leading solution for this need, with significant advantages over competing techniques (predominantly optical). We had many significant interactions with existing customers and new prospects at the booth, and presented a poster detailing our advantages versus optical techniques for measuring protein aggregation.

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Spectradyne’s booth at the PEGS Summit 2019

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