Fast & accurate particle analysis

When every particle countsTM


  • Detection & counting individual nanoparticles in fluid
  • Resistive pulse sensing and size measurements
  • Particle size distribution with absolute concentration
  • Particle size analysis range: 50 nm to 10 μm in diameter


  • Particle size, concentration & fluorescence phenotyping
  • Electrical & optical: Simultaneous orthogonal measurements
  • Direct particle size measurements
  • Quantitative fluorescence

Instrument capabilities

ncs1 arc
Single-particle fluorescence-based phenotyping in up to 3 optical channels
Accurately quantify subpopulations in complex samples
Absolute concentration & size with microfluidic resistive pulse sensing (MRPS)
Results in minutes
Microliter sample volumes

Learn how our technology works

How Spectradyne makes every particle count

Spectradyne's nCS1TM uses microfluidic technology combined with nanotechnology to detect and measure every particle in your formulation. We have developed a unique implementation of microfluidic resistive pulse sensing (MRPS), which uses electrical sensing to measure the diameter of each particle as it passes through a nanoconstriction, providing real-time sizing and concentration information.

Read about our microfluidic instrumentation.

Microfluidic cartridges

Microfluidic cartridges

  • Single-use disposable cartridges
  • No cross-contamination between samples
  • No time-consuming cleaning in between samples
  • 3 μliter sample per use
  • Particle size analysis range from 50 nm to 10 μm in diameter

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