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A virtual demonstration of our fluorescent particle detection technology

Watch a demonstration of the ARCTM

Learn more about the ARCTM here

A summary

This brief video introduces you to the Spectradyne ARC system, which combines Spectradyne’s proven Microfluidic Resistive Pulse Sensing (MRPS) with fluorescence technology for phenotyping. Now, one system CAN do it all!

The video shows an overview of the hardware, how it works, and an example analysis where a FITC-labeled EV subpopulation is quantified while being run in a complex mixture of EVs and other particulates. No other system can do this!

The ARC enables simultaneous measurements of fluorescence signals in up to 3 distinct emission bands from each particle, while also capturing size and concentration using the non-optical MRPS signal. Applications for ARC include many different types of biological nanoparticles, such as extracellular vesicles (EVs), nanomedicines (LNPs, liposomes, etc.), virus/gene therapies, and diagnostics (biomarkers).