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How to customize and save plots in Spectradyne’s ViewerTM software

Plotting in the ViewerTM software

…and here’s a transcript for your reading pleasure!

Hi I’m Ngoc Do, Application Scientist at Spectradyne! In this video I will be showing you how to create custom data plot in the Viewer software.

I have here a size distribution plot for a standard bead measurement. This is the default CSD graph that you see. We can customize the look of this plot by navigating over to the “Custom” box. Once the box is checked, the “Options” button will be activated. Click on the button to bring up the dialog window. Here you can create custom title, labels, and colors.

For labels and colors, each sample legend and color label can be separated by comma in the list. Clicking on the color wheel will bring up a table of different types of colors. You can toggle the display of the legend and on/off axes. The font size can also be changed. We can show error bar on each bin size by checking “Show Error Bars” box.

We can change the diameter and concentration scaling display from linear to log scale by checking the appropriate boxes. The “Y-Axis” and “X-Axis” limits can be user-specified. So let’s say we want to apply lower and upper boundaries for X limits. The plot will get updated to show only the graph from those two points. The bin spacing can be changed accordingly by specifying the desired value in “Binning” either as a percent of center or as equal bins.

Once you like the look of your plot and want to save the figure, navigate over to the “Disk” icon. The plot can be saved to various graphic formats such as png, jpg, or pdf. When you want to save these customization settings to be recalled at a later date, click the “Save” button to save to a .json file.

This concludes our look at the custom plotting feature in the nCS1 Viewer software. I hope you find it useful. Further details are available in the instrument Operation Manual and if you have questions, contact us at

More training videos are also available on our website. Thank you for your attention!