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SpectradyneTM Webinar 12:
ARC EV Applications – EV Application Research using Spectradyne ARC

Learn about the capabilities of the ARCTM from active members in Extracellular Vesicle research. Speakers from premiere institutions Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mayo Clinic, and Vesiculab share how our technology has helped their research.

Learn more about the ARCTM here

A summary

In this webinar, Spectradyne will highlight customer applications using the ARC for EV characterization. Three speakers are featured:
1.) “Comparative analysis of fluorescent particle size and concentration using ARC and nanoscale flow cytometry.” Dr. Yohan Kim, Senior Research Technologist, Mayo Clinic
2.) “Extracellular Vesicle Research Workflow: Improving Each Step from Production to Functional Assay.”  Dimitri Aubert, CEO, Vesiculab
3.) ”Facing the challenges of extracellular vesicles’ enrichment and analysis.” Dr. Frauke Henjes, Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific