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Spectradyne Newsletter #3

September 2017

nanoparticles in pharmaceuticals


We’ll be there! Come see Spectradyne at the AAPS

San Diego, November 13-15 2017

What’s new?

  • MIT’s Koch Institute and a major biopharma company purchase Spectradyne’s nCS1
  • NSF awards Spectradyne a TECP award for innovative partnerships – Read our press release

Application note: Earlier detection of smaller aggregates


Spectradyne’s nCS1 enables earlier detection of smaller aggregates

Aggregates appear in protein formulations after even brief exposure to stress. Spectradyne’s nCS1 can detect these aggregates earlier and at smaller diameters than other techniques, saving time and money in developing stable formulations.

Read our application note.

Application note: Exosomes in serum

Spectradyne’s nCS1 enables detection of exosomes in serum

Spectradyne’s nCS1 instrument provides unparalleled detection capability for nanoparticles in blood and other bodily fluids. The nCS1 can used to detect exosomes in human serum samples, resolving differences in suspended exosome concentrations depending on the preparation method of the serum.

Read our application note.


Did you know Spectradyne offers free sample measurements using the nCS1?

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