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November 1, 2022 – Spectradyne launches new ARCTM particle analyzer

Spectradyne is thrilled to announce the launch of our second-generation product, the ARCTM particle analyzer. The ARC is a ground-breaking technology for analyzing biological nanoparticles in complex samples that delivers accurate particle concentration, size and single-particle, quantitative, fluorescence-based phenotyping, all in a single instrument.

Spectradyne’s new ARCTM particle analyzer, combining fluorescent phenotyping and MRPS particle sizing and concentration.

The ARC leverages the well-established strengths of our core technology, microfluidic resistive pulse sensing (MRPS), and adds what you, our customers, have been asking for: Single-particle, fluorescence-based phenotyping to quantify particle subpopulations in complex mixtures.

The ARC’s innovative combination of electrical particle analysis by MRPS and quantitative phenotyping by fluorescence addresses key analytical challenges in a broad range of application areas. Gene therapy, virus, and other nanomedicine applications including extracellular vesicles will benefit most from the new platform, because these particles must be analyzed in complex mixture of other materials. The ARC enables accurate quantification of these nanoscale biological particles, directly in the mixture, while simultaneously delivering an assessment of purity since MRPS detects all the other particles as well.

By enabling the detection of specific subpopulations present in complex mixtures such as biofluids, the ARC also has the potential to power development of new diagnostics. Spectradyne is pursuing collaborations in which the ARC is used to quantify new particle-based biomarkers of health and disease in this size range, where other technologies have previously been unable to reach.

Existing nCS1TM users have been asking for precisely this capability for years, and Spectradyne’s development team has done an incredible job bringing this technology to market. We’re looking forward to seeing what scientists can do with it!

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