Cartridge formats for the nCS1TM

What cartridge format do I want?

Two versions of nCS1 hardware are currently deployed:

nCS1TM hardware version Cartridge format
Version 1 (standard) C- format (e.g. C-400)
Version 0 (not common) TS- format (e.g. TS-400)

You can determine the hardware version of your instrument using one of the following methods:
Method 1 - Software (using Spectradyne ToolsTM version 2.5.0 or later):
  • Ensure the nCS1 is connected to the operating computer
  • Turn on the instrument and load the nCS1 acquisition software
  • Click the "More" button to access the Diagnostic panel
  • In the Manual Utilities Frame, click "About this instrument..."
  • Read the Hardware Version Number in the dialogue window
Method 2 - Known cartridges
  • Look at the box of any cartridges that have been used on the system before
  • Check the label for the format either C-... or TS-...
Method 3 - Email us, we're available to help!

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