Support for the nCS1TM

Software and calibration file downloads

Description Version Release date File
Spectradyne Tools 3/1/2021 Please email us for the Setup file
Mold calibration file (please update to latest software) 4/13/2021 Please email us for the latest mold calibration file


Description Version Release date File
Software installation instructions 2.5.0 11/27/2019 SPTools (PDF)
nCS1 Quick Start Guide 2.5.0 6/30/2020 nCS1 quick start guide (PDF)
nCS1 Operation Manual 2.5.0 6/30/2020 nCS1 operation manual (PDF)
Software release history 3/1/2021 Spectradyne tools release history (PDF)

Useful videos for new users

A number of videos are also available on our library page

Particle Calculators

Particle Concentration

  weight percent solids (%)

  particle density (g/cm3)

  particle diameter (nm)

Particle Dilution

  target volume (μℓ)

  starting concentration (particles/mℓ)

  target concentration (particles/mℓ)


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