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Innovation in Nanoparticle Analysis

The company

Spectradyne has commercialized a revolutionary method of measuring sub-micron nanoparticles. Applications include characterizing nanomedicine delivery systems, the measurement of protein aggregation in the drug development industry, virology and in consumer product quality control.

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The Spectradyne Experimental Innovation Award

Spectradyne encourages new and innovative research using its microfluidics-based nanoparticle analysis technology. We will provide eligible researchers with access to our nCS1TM instrument and cartridges through our Experimental Innovation Award competition, and provide financial support to present results obtained with this instrument at an international conference. Click here to learn more about this program.

Company founders

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Jean-Luc Fraikin, CEO

Dr Fraikin developed the initial NPA technology during his PhD thesis work at UC Santa Barbara in Dr. Cleland's research group. He has worked in cancer cell biology and biochemistry, and at InDevR led prototyping efforts for a microfluidics-based molecular diagnostic platform. At Spectradyne, Dr Fraikin previously led the development of instrument fluidics, software, and system integration. He is now serving as Spectradyne's CEO.

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Franklin Monzon, COO

Dr Monzon spent 14 years working in the semiconductor industry at Intel, Xponent and GCS before co-founding Spectradyne, He has broad expertise in manufacturing, product development, and business development, a PhD from Caltech and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

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Peter Meinhold, Chief Engineer

Dr Meinhold is an experimental astrophysicist at UC Santa Barbara, and an expert in low noise electronics, signal analysis, and in developing compact instrumentation for space. He is proficient in extracting signals with amplitudes orders of magnitude smaller than the instrument noise. Dr Meinhold has a PhD from UC Berkeley and leads the development of instrument electronics.

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Andrew N Cleland, Scientific and Technical Advisor

Dr Cleland is the John A MacLean Professor of Quantum Engineering Innovation at the University of Chicago, and the recipient of Science magazine's "Breakthrough of the Year" for 2010. An authority on nanotechnology, nanomechanics and quantum information, Dr. Cleland helps develop Spectradyne's microfluidic devices as well as next generation instrumentation.

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