Nanoparticle Analysis of Any Material

Spectradyne's microfluidic technology enables detection of any nanoparticle type!


The Spectradyne nCS1TM and ARCTM employ a novel implementation of resistive pulse sensing to count and size nanoparticles quickly and with high resolution. Sizing precision of ±3% is achieved, with rates up to 10,000 particles/s. Because particles are measured electrically, not optically, particles composed of any material can be analyzed, without a materials-influenced bias. In Spectradyne's ARC, this individual particle sizing and counting capability is combined with individual particle fluorescence detection.

"The nCS1 is fast, accurate, and easy to use for routine particle quantification."

Hok Hei Tam, Flagship Labs 62 Inc


Nanoparticles are used in a broad range of applications. Metal-oxide nanoparticles such as TiO2 are used as additives in cosmetics (UV absorbers in sunscreen) and food (whiteners in frosting). Semiconductor nanoparticles are used for their unique optical properties (light-emitting quantum dots in digital displays). Gold nanoparticles are used in drug delivery and in-vivo targeted treatments. The nCS1 and ARC are able to accurately measure particles of any material. For example, here we show data where the nCS1 accurately measures the size and concentration of different types of nanoparticle. In each case results are shown with a measurement of the pure control particles (no additional particles) for comparison.


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