Measuring a Wide Range of Concentrations

Spectradyne's technology enables the accurate
measurement of a wide range of absolute concentrations


The resistive pulse sensing technology that is at the core of Spectradyne's nanoparticle analyzer technology counts individual particles while measuring their size and their velocity. This means that the instrument evaluates not just the distribution of nanoparticles in the analyte, but also yields absolute concentrations of these particles. This distinguishes our technology from dynamic light scattering (DLS), where no concentration information can be extracted.

Concentration Spectral Density (CSD)TM

The concentration spectral density (CSDTM) is a measurement-independent means of characterizing the concentration of particles of a given diameter in a sample.

Raw data acquired by Spectradyne's instruments is converted to CSD units, enabling the easy quantitative conversion of measurements of different samples to absolute density units.

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